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Bird reports October-December 2014

Waterford bird records October-December 2014 (details subject to verification or correction)


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Weds 31 Dec:
DUNGARVAN: 2 SPOONBILLS off pitch & putt course.
OLD PARISH:  Woodcock.
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull at boating lake.
DUNMORE EAST:  2nd-winter Glaucous Gull.

Tues 30 Dec:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Ring-billed Gull at boating lake.

Mon 29 Dec:
DUNGARVAN:  2 SPOONBILLS on the Cunnigar, 4 Pintail off pitch & putt course, Black Redstart at Abbeyside church.
CLONEA:  Whimbrel.
Nr BUNMAHON:  Male Hen Harrier & 18 Stock Doves.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Ring-billed Gull at Lisselan.

Sun 28 Dec:
KNOCKADERRY RESERVOIR:  Drake RING-NECKED DUCK with 15 Tufted Duck on small lake.
DERRIGAL (nr Portlaw):  3 PINK-FOOTED GEESE, 129 Greylag Geese & 31 Whooper Swans.
DUNMORE EAST: 2nd-winter Glaucous Gull at Dunmore East.
TRAMORE:  Chiffchaff & 2 Black Redstarts at W end of beach.
DUNGARVAN:  2 SPOONBILLS, 4 Pintail & 2 Long-tailed Duck off pitch & putt course, adult Mediterranean Gull at Ballyneety.
Nr CAPPOQUIN:  Hen Harrier.

Sat 27 Dec:
BLACKWATER VALLEY:  Common Sandpiper at Clashmore broads, Jay at Greencloyne near Youghal bridge, Hen Harrier at Newport East.
Nr WHITING BAY:  8+ Tree Sparrows at Moord.
ARDMORE:  Adult Mediterranean Gull.
DUNGARVAN:  Adult Yellow-legged Gull at Ballyneety.

Fri 26 Dec:
KILFARRASY:  Black Redstart on beach.
TRAMORE:  2 Black Redstarts (cove & below O'Shea's), Shoveler & 12 Gadwall at boating lake.

Thurs 25 Dec:
DERRIGAL (nr Portlaw):  3 PINK-FOOTED GEESE & 198 Greylag Geese.

Weds 24 Dec:
SEAFIELD (nr Bunmahon):  2nd-winter Mediterranean Gull & a Chiffchaff.
WATERFORD CITY:  Otter on quay.

Tues 23 Dec:
DERRIGAL (nr Portlaw):  PINK-FOOTED GOOSE & c100 Greylag Geese.
DUNMORE EAST:  2nd-calendar-year Glaucous Gull .

Sun 21 Dec:
DUNMORE EAST:  2nd-calendar-year Glaucous Gull at pier.
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull & 10 Gadwall at boating lake, male Blackcap in Tramore town.
DUNGARVAN:  2 Long-tailed Ducks opposite pitch & putt club.
DRUM HILLS:  Ringtail Hen Harrier.
BLACKWATER VALLEY:  Whimbrel at Newport East,.

Sat 20 Dec:
DERRIGAL (nr Portlaw):  PINK-FOOTED GOOSE, 110 Greylag Geese & 33 Whooper Swans.
Nr BALLYSHUNNOCK RESERVOIR:  15 Whooper Swans in field to NW.
DUNGARVAN:  Immature SPOONBILL on Cunnigar, 4 Shoveler & 2 Pintail (male & female) off pitch & putt course,, Water Rail at Killongford pools.
OLD PARISH:  3-4 Woodcock.

Fri 19 Dec:
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull at boating lake.

Thurs 18 Dec:
LISMORE:  Dipper & 2 Treecreepers.

Weds 17 Dec:
DUNGARVAN:  2 SPOONBILLS (adult & juvenile), 3 Pintail (adult male & 2 females) & 8 Shoveler off pitch & putt course.

Tues 16 Dec:
Nr DUNGARVAN:  Barn Owl.
WATERFORD CITY:  Black Redstart again by Tower Hotel.

Mon 15 Dec:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  GLOSSY IBIS (flew towards Clohernagh) & Long-tailed Duck.
DUNGARVAN:  Black Redstart in town centre.

Sun 14 Dec:
DUNGARVAN:  2 SPOONBILLS & 2 Long-tailed Ducks off pitch & putt course, adult Yellow-legged Gull at the Cunnigar, male Blackcap at Ballynagaul.
Nr WHITING BAY:  4 Tree Sparrows at feeders.
LISMORE:  Dipper & Treecreeper at Lismore Bridge.
CLONEA:  Common Seal at Ballinard.
SEAFIELD (nr Bunmahon):  Ringtail Hen Harrier, Green Sandpiper & Chiffchaff.
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull, adult Mediterranean Gull & 25 Gadwall at boating lake, 41 Shoveler (high count) & a ringtail Hen Harrier at Backstrand, Black Redstart by O'Shea's Hotel.
DUNMORE EAST:  2nd-cal-yr Glaucous Gull & 2 Purple Sandpipers at pier.

Sat 13 Dec:
TRAMORE:  GLOSSY IBIS flew E over Lisselan, adult Ring-billed Gull & 28 Gadwall at boating lake, Chiffchaff at west end of beach, Black Redstart at Ladies' Slip.
DUNGARVAN:  2 Long-tailed Ducks, 4 Pintail & 8 Shoveler off pitch & putt course, adult dark-bellied Brent Goose at CBS sports field.

Fri 12 Dec:
WATERFORD CITY:  Black Redstart on riverbank by Tower Hotel.

Weds 10 Dec:
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull, 7 Gadwall & a Shoveler at boating lake.
BALLYNACOURTY POINT:  Black Redstart just W of Ballynacourty lighthouse.
DUNGARVAN:  Black Redstart at Galwey's Lane, Dungarvan town.
DROMANA WOODS:  Crossbills heard.
WEST WATERFORD:  2 Buzzards.

Tues 9 Dec:
DUNGARVAN: Yellow-legged Gull near Park Hotel, 2 SPOONBILLS, 2 Long-tailed Duck, 4 Shoveler & a male Pintail near pitch & putt course.
CLONEA:  20+ Choughs at Ballinclamper.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:Long-tailed Duck at Lisselan.

Mon 8 Dec:
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull, 2 Shoveler & 2 Gadwall at boating lake.
WEST WATERFORD:  2 Buzzards.

Sun 7 Dec:
TRAMORE:  Mediterranean Gull & Chiffchaff at west end of Tramore strand.
BLACKWATER CALLOWS:  80 Whooper Swans.

Sat 6 Dec:
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull & adult Mediterranean Gull at boating lake; Long-tailed Duck & 17 Shoveler at Backstrand.
DERRIGAL (nr Portlaw):  PINK-FOOTED GOOSE, 115 Greylag Geese & 22 Whooper Swans.
DUNGARVAN:  Adult SPOONBILL, 3 Long-tailed Duck & 3 Shoveler off pitch & putt club; 2 Black Redstarts (1 male) & Chiffchaff at Ballynagaul.
HELVICK HEAD:  Black Redstart & 3 Red-throated Divers.
ARDMORE: 2 Mediterranean Gulls (adult & 2nd-winter) at Curragh beach.
Nr WHITING BAY:  2 Tree Sparrows at feeder.
WEST WATERFORD:  2 Buzzards.
BALLYBRACK:  Woodcock.
BLACKWATER VALLEY:  Water Rail calling at Newport east, Jay at Knockanore.

Fri 5 Dec:
DUNGARVAN:  2 Long-tailed Duck off Quanns.
TRAMORE:  Black Redstart & female Blackcap at pier.

Thurs 4 Dec:
WATERFORD CITY:  Female Blackcap in garden.
TRAMORE:  Adult Ring-billed Gull at boating lake, Black Redstart at Ladies' Slip.
BALLYSCANLON:  3 Chiffchaffs.
MUGGORT'S BAY:  3 Fin Whales just offshore.

Mon 1 Dec:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Long-tailed Duck & Kingfisher at Lisselan.
HELVICK HEAD:  Adult Fin Whale close inshore.

Check here (Waterford Birds blog) for more recent updates,  further details or fuller species lists

Sun 30 Nov:
HELVICK HEAD:  Juvenile HUMPBACK WHALE close inshore.
DUNGARVAN: 2 SPOONBILLS & a Ruddy Shelduck x Common Shelduck hybrid at the Cunnigar, 2 Long-tailed Duck & 4 Shoveler near pitch & putt, 3 Black Redstarts (Ballynacourty pier, Ballynagaul & male near sports centre).
DERRIGAL (nr Portlaw):  PINK-FOOTED GOOSE & 40 Greylag Geese.
WATERFORD CITY:  Male Blackcap in garden at Collins Avenue.
TRAMORE:  Chiffchaff at west end of beach, female Long-tailed Duck & 2 Water Rails at Lisselan.

Sat 29 Nov:
BLACKWATER CALLOWS:  49 Whooper Swans.
HELVICK/DUNGARVAN:  4 Black Redstarts & 2 Chiffchaffs, Helvick/Ballynagaul.
DUNGARVAN: 2 SPOONBILLS, 2 Long-tailed Duck, adult Yellow-legged Gull & 5 Shoveler off pitch & putt, 3 Chiffchaffs at Cunnigar base, 2 Whimbrel at Ballynagaul.
CLONEA:  Adult male Black Redstart at Ballinard.
BALLYSHUNNOCK RESERVOIR:  Adult Yellow-legged Gull.
DERRIGAL (nr Portlaw):  PINK-FOOTED GOOSE, 38 Greylag Geese & Green Sandpiper.
EAST WATERFORD:  2 Buzzards.
KILBARRY BOG:  3 Water Rails calling.
TRAMORE:  Long-tailed Duck & 3 Chiffchaffs at Lisselan, Black Redstart at the cove, 17 Gadwall & a Shoveler at boating lake.

Fri 28 Nov:
DUNGARVAN: 2 SPOONBILLS, (adult & juvenile) again off Quann's / pitch & putt course.
TRAMORE:  Chiffchaff at west end of beach.

Thurs 27 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  2 SPOONBILLS (adult & juvenile) on Cunnigar opposite pitch & putt course, 2 Long-tailed Duck & 4 Shoveler off pitch & putt course, Green Sandpiper at Brickey canal.
TRAMORE:  Black Redstart at Ladies' Slip, 7 Gadwall at boating lake, Merlin & 7 Shoveler at Backstrand near spits, male Blackcap in Tramore town.

Weds 26 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  SPOONBILL, 2 Long-tailed Duck & 4 Shoveler off pitch & putt course.

Tues 25 Nov:
GREAT NEWTOWN HEAD:  96 Common Scoter W (3 flocks) & Minke Whale outside Tramore Bay.

Sun 23 Nov:
TRAMORE:  3 Black Redstarts at W end of beach, 5 Gadwall & a Peacock butterfly at Lisselan.
DUNGARVAN:  2 Long-tailed Duck & 2 Shoveler off pitch & putt course.

Sat 22 Nov:
WHITING BAY:  15 Tree Sparrows.
ARDMORE:  Adult Yellow-legged Gull at Curragh / Ballyquin.
DUNGARVAN:  Juvenile Arctic Tern still present; adult Dark-Bellied Brent Goose, female Pintail & 2 Long-tailed Ducks off pitch & putt course; adult Yellow-legged Gull at Ballyneety.
BUNMAHON:  Merlin.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  3 Great Skuas, Merlin & a Tree Sparrow.

Thurs 20 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  Juvenile Arctic Tern, Merlin & Shoveler opposite the Cunnigar.
BALLYVOYLE:  4 Red-throated Divers & a Dipper.
KILBARRY BOG:  Chiffchaff & Water Rail at Waterford Nature Park.

Weds 19 Nov:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Female/immature Black Redstart.
DUNGARVAN:  3 dark-bellied Brent Geese, 2 Long-tailed Duck, 6 Pintail & a very late juvenile Arctic Tern at the Cunnigar; 6 Shoveler off pitch & putt course; late Red Admiral at Kilmurray.
HELVICK HEAD:  2 Chiffchaffs.

Tues 18 Nov:

Mon 17 Nov:
TANKARDSTOWN:  3 Fin Whales & 3 Porpoises.

Sun 16 Nov:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  GLOSSY IBIS & a Red Admiral at Lisselan.
WATERFORD CITY:  Red Admiral at Ferrybank.
HELVICK HEAD:  2 Chiffchaffs.

Sat 15 Nov:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  GLOSSY IBIS, adult Mediterranean Gull & 11 Shoveler at Lisselan.
BALLYSHUNNOCK RESERVOIR:  Female-type Scaup & adult Mediterranean Gull.
COOLFIN/DERRIGAL:  Adult Mediterranean Gull at Derrigal.
TIBBERAGHNY:  21 Whooper Swans (Co Kilkenny side) & a Jay.

Thurs 13 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  2 Long-tailed Duck & 6 Shoveler off pitch & putt course.
DUNMORE EAST:  2 Purple Sandpipers.

Weds 12 Nov:
KILBREE EAST (nr Cappoquin):  Short-eared Owl.
ARDMORE:  3 adult Mediterranean Gulls (2 on Ardmore beach, white darvic-ringed 'E666' at Curragh).
DUNGARVAN: 2 Long-tailed Ducks off pitch & putt course.
KILBARRY BOG (nr Waterford city):  Chiffchaff.

Mon 10 Nov:
HELVICK HEAD:  Arctic Skua, 4 Great Skuas & Manx Shearwater (seawatch 14:30-16:30); female Blackcap.
CLONEA:  4 Great Northern Divers off Ballinard.
WATERFORD CITY:  Female Blackcap in a garden - first wintering report.

Sun 9 Nov:
TRAMORE:  3 Shoveler & 16 Gadwall at Lisselan, late House Martin over GAA pitch /Beech Park in Tramore town.
BUNMAHON:  Ruff & adult Mediterranean Gull.
SEAFIELD (nr Bunmahon):  3 Green Sandpipers.
BALLYVOYLE:  Long-eared Owl.
DUNGARVAN:  2 Long-tailed Duck (male & female) & 2 Shoveler off pitch & putt course.
ARDMORE:  3 Mediterranean Gulls at Curragh, Otter & 2 Porpoises in Bay.
RAM HEAD:  Great Skua chasing Short-eared Owl offshore (Mine Head direction), Painted Lady.

Sat 8 Nov:
TRAMORE:  GLOSSY IBIS again at Clohernagh, Ruff at Pickardstown, adult Mediterranean Gull at Saleen, 9 Shoveler & 9 Gadwall at Lisselan, 9 Gadwall at Boating Lake.
BALLYSHUNNOCK RESERVOIR:  Adult Yellow-legged Gull & female Scaup.
DUNMORE EAST:  4 Purple Sandpipers.
BALLYVOYLE:  25+ Choughs.
CLONEA:  11+ Great Northern Divers at Ballinard.
DUNGARVAN:  Dipper above Ballyneety bridge.
ARDMORE:  2 adult Mediterranean Gulls (1 ringed bird).
RAM HEAD:  Late Swallow & 2 Red Admirals.

Fri 7 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  6 Shoveler (3 male & 3 female) off pitch & putt course.
BLACKWATER CALLOWS:  60 Whooper Swans.

Thurs 6 Nov:
CLONEA:  Grey Phalarope at Ballinclamper.

Weds 5 Nov:
RAM HEAD:  2 Porpoises.
ARDMORE:  6 Mediterranean Gulls at Curragh.
DUNGARVAN: 2 Pintail & 4 Shoveler.

Tues 4 Nov:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Long-tailed Duck west of spits, Merlin, 23 Gadwall & a late Wheatear at Lisselan.
CLONEA:  Purple Sandpiper & a late Sandwich Tern at Ballinclamper.

Mon 3 Nov:
DUNGARVAN:  Kingfisher at Barnawee, Otter opposite Davitt's Quay.

Sun 2 Nov:
TRAMORE:  Adult winter BONAPARTE'S GULL, 3 Mediterranean Gulls (1st-winter & 2 adults) & male Shoveler at boating lake, GLOSSY IBIS at Clohernagh, 4 Whooper Swans & 8 Gadwall at Lisselan.
HELVICK HEAD:  SIBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF, 5 Chiffchaffs, Swallow, Hummingbird Hawk-moth & Clouded Yellow.
KILBARRY BOG:  3 Swallows over Tramore road.
BALLYSHUNNOCK RESERVOIR:  1st-calendar-yr Mediterranean Gull, 1st-calendar-yr Scaup & 33 Whooper Swans.
DUNGARVAN:  Male & female Shoveler in Western Bay.
ARDMORE:  White Wagtail at Curragh.

Sat 1 Nov:
HELVICK HEAD:  'Blue Fulmar', Pomarine Skua, Great Skua, 2 Arctic Skuas & 11 Manx Shearwaters (seawatch 08:40-09:10 & 11:40-13:15); 3+ Blackcaps & 8+ Chiffchaffs.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Snow Bunting at Lisselan.

Check here (Waterford Birds blog) for more recent updates,  further details or fuller species lists

Fri 31 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  FIRECREST still present (main garden) also 3-4 Chiffchaffs & a Hummingbird Hawk-moth.
WATERFORD CITY:  10 Swallows over the Glen.
TRAMORE:  26 Gadwall & 2 Whooper Swans at Lisselan, Redwing heard over Tramore town.

Thurs 30 Oct:
DUNGARVAN:  Adult Mediterranean Gull & Common Sandpiper at Barnawee, 2 Swallows in town centre, Otter at quay.

Weds 29 Oct:
TRAMORE TOWN:  4 Redwing heard  & 18 Swallows.
DUNGARVAN:  Otter at quay.
ARDMORE:  Wheatear at Curragh.

Tues 28 Oct:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  GLOSSY IBIS at Clohernagh; Merlin & 2 adult Mediterranean Gull at Saleen; female-type Scaup, 7 Gadwall & 3 Whooper Swans at Lisselan.

Mon 27 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  2 Sooty Shearwaters.
CASTLETOWN FEN:  Migrant Hawker.
TRAMIORE BACKSTRAND:  Scaup at Lisselan.
DUNGARVAN:  Ruff at Killongford.
HELVICK HEAD:  Black Redstart,
ARDMORE:  9 Mediterranean Gulls & 2 Sandwich Terns at Curragh strand.
WHITING BAY:  Female Blackcap at Moord.

Sun 26 Oct:
TRAMORE:  Female-type Scaup & 2 Gadwall at Lisselan, adult Mediterranean Gull & 9 Gadwall at boating lake.
BALLYSHUNNOCK RESERVOIR:  2 Gadwall & 6 Whooper Swans.
BALLINAMUCK:  Late Swallow.

Sat 25 Oct:
CLONEA:  2 Arctic Skuas off Ballinclamper.
DUNGARVAN:  Kingfisher near Devonshire Bridge.

Fri 24 Oct:
RAM HEAD:  c15 Mediterranean Gulls W, 17 Ravens, Fin Whale & 40-50 Common Dolphins.
ARDMORE:  Another 8+ Mediterranean Gulls & a Redwing at Curragh.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Scaup, 2 Gadwall & 3 Whooper Swans at Lisselan.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  2 Clouded Yellows.

Weds 22 Oct:
ARDMORE:  5 Mediterranean Gulls (2 1st-winter & 3 adult) at Curragh.
DUNGARVAN:  Ruff at Killongford.
TRAMORE:  Merlin at landfill site.

Mon 20 Oct:
TRAMORE:  Grey Phalarope, 3 Whooper Swans, 4 Shoveler & 10 Gadwall at Lisselan; Shoveler on boating lake.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Redwing, female Blackcap & 3 Tree Sparrows.
CLONEA:  Merlin & 3 Great Northern Divers at Ballinclamper.
DUNGARVAN:  7 House Martins W over town centre.

Sun 19 Oct:
TRAMORE:  Grey Phalarope, Common Sandpiper, 3 Whooper Swans & 2 Swallows at Lisselan; 450 Brent Geese around Backstrand; eastern-type Jackdaw at Ballycarnane Woods estate, Tramore town.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Great Skua W, Arctic Skua & 2 Common Scoter E (seawatch 08:55-10:55)

Sat 18 Oct:
WATERFORD CITY:  OSPREY W over ring road near Ardkeen.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Wheatear & Hummingbird Hawk-moth.
KILMACTHOMAS to lemybrien:  4 Swallows.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Grey Phalarope & 3 Whooper Swans on main pond at Lisselan.
DUNGARVAN:  3 female Pintail & 6 Shoveler between Quann's & Western Bay, 2 Kingfishers at Killongfordf pools.
HELVICK HEAD:  Pomarine SkuaGreat Skua, Arctic Skua , 2 Storm Petrels & a Merlin.

Thurs 16 Oct:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:   GLOSSY IBIS, 3 Whooper Swans, 8 Shoveler & 4 Gadwall at Lisselan; 12 Pintail (high count) & 306 Brent Geese (10 juvenile) on Backstrand.
CLONEA:  FIRECREST at Ballinard.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Female Blackcap.

Weds 15 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Male Blackcap.

DUNGARVAN:  Kingfisher at town quay, Ruff at Killongford.

Tues 14 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  4 Wheatears.

Sun 12 Oct:
DUNMORE EAST:  Adult or subadult WHITE-TAILED EAGLE flew E past the Shanooan then N towards Creadan Head.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  3 Tree Sparrows & 2 Clouded Yellows.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  6 Whooper Swans, Shoveler & 6 Gadwall at Lisselan; 100+ Brent Geese on backstrand.

Sat 11 Oct:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  DOTTEREL, Short-eared Owl, Merlin, Whinchat, Blackcap, 4+ Chiffchaffs, 10 Tree Sparrows & 6 Clouded Yellows
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  GLOSSY IBIS at Clohernagh, White Wagtail at Saleen.
ARDMORE: 10+ Mediterranean Gulls at Curragh, Great Skua in bay.
RAM HEAD:  Adult & juvenile Fin Whale & 120 Common Dolphins.

Fri 10 Oct:
DUNGARVAN:  25 Brent Geese at Barnawee.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  2 Delicate moths trapped tonight.

Thurs 9 Oct:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  GLOSSY IBIS, 5 Shoveler & 2 Gadwall at Lisselan.
EAST WATERFORD:  3 Buzzards.
CLONEA:  Little Stint at Ballinclamper.
ARDMORE:  6 Mediterranean Gulls at Curragh & harbour.
RAM HEAD:  Pomarine Skua.

Weds 8 Oct:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  GLOSSY IBIS at NW side of Backstrand, between Somerville / Ballinattin & old dump.

Tues 7 Oct:
CLONEA:  2 adult Mediterranean Gulls  & 3 Brent Geese at Ballinclamper.

Mon 6 Oct:
CLONEA:  Juvenile Little Stint, 5 Mediterranean Gulls  & >1000 Black-headed Gulls at Ballinclamper.

Sun 5 Oct:
RING-NECKED DUCK still present.
WATERFORD HARBOUR:  Adult Mediterranean Gull at Woodstown beach.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Balearic Shearwater W, 4 Common Scoter E & 275 Gannets E (seawatch 08:40-10:40).
CLONEA:  Ruff at Ballinclamper.
HELVICK  HEAD:   Great Skua W.

Sat 4 Oct:
DUNGARVAN:  Spotted Redshank, Curlew Sandpiper & Common Sandpiper at Killongford.
CLONEA:  Juvenile Little Stint & 2 juvenile Ruff at Ballinclamper.
CLONEA:  6 Mediterranean Gulls at Ballinclamper.
WEST WATERFORD:  4 Buzzards.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  5 Blackcaps, 6 Chiffchaffs, 6 Goldcrests, 145+ Meadow Pipits & 23+ Red Admirals.
EAST WATERFORD:  5 Buzzards.

Fri 3 Oct:
KILMEADEN POOLS:  Green Sandpiper.
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  37 Choughs, 2 Red-throated Divers & 2 Porpoises.

Weds 1 Oct:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Curlew Sandpiper at Lisselan.
ARDMORE:  5 Mediterranean Gulls at Curragh stream.
RAM HEAD:  80 Common Dolphins.

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October-December 2014 photo-gallery

Glaucous Gull, 2nd-calendar year, Dunmore East, 14 December 2014 M Cowming

Ring-billed Gull, adult, Tramore boating lake, 14 December 2014 M Cowming

Fin Whale, adult, close inshore at Helvick Head, 1 December 2014 AD Malcolm

Video: Fin Whale (ADM)

Humpack Whale, juvenile, close inshore at Helvick Head, 30 Nov 2014 AD Malcolm

Video: Humpback Whale (ADM)

Ruddy Shelduck x Common Shelduck hybrid, the Cunnigar, Dungarvan, 29 Nov 2014 AD Malcolm

AD Malcolm

AD Malcolm

Ruddy Shelduck x Common Shelduck hybrid, the Cunnigar, Dungarvan, 29 Nov 2014 AD Malcolm

Long-tailed Duck, Lisselan, Tramore Backstrand, 29 Nov 2014 M Cowming

M Cowming

Pink-footed Goose with Greylags, Derrigal, 29 Nov 2014 M Cowming

M Cowming

M Cowming

Black Redstart (1 of 3), Tramore beach, 23 Nov 2014 B Howell

Arctic Tern, juvenile, the Lookout, Dungarvan, 21 November 2014 F O'Connell

F O'Connell

Hen Harrier, young male found dead, Knockmealdown Mountains, 15 Nov 2014 AD Malcolm

AD Malcolm

AD Malcolm

AD Malcolm

Ruff with Black-tailed Godwits, Tramore Backstrand, 8 Nov 2014 M Cowming

Bonaparte's Gull, Tramore Boating Lake, 2 Nov 2014 P Archer

P Archer

Video: Bonaparte's Gull, Tramore Boating Lake, 2 Nov 2014 (M Cowming)

Sparrowhawk, Ballinclamper, Clonea, 6 Oct 2014 D Clarke

Little Stint, juvenile, Ballinclamper, Clonea, 6 Oct 2014 D Clarke

D Clarke

D Clarke

Ruff, Ballinclamper, Clonea, 5 Oct 2014 D Clarke

D Clarke

Glossy Ibis & Little Egret, Clohernagh, Tramore Backstrand, 20 Sept 2014 A Allen


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