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Bird reports June-July 2014

Waterford bird records June-July 2014 (details subject to verification or correction)


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JULY 2014:
Check here (Waterford Birds blog) for more recent updates,  further details or fuller species lists

Weds 30 July:
TRAMORE:  2nd-calendar-year Little Gull still present at boating lake. 

Tues 29 July:
DUNGARVAN: Adult Mediterranean Gulls at Barnawee, 17 Common Sandpipers (6 at Killongford, 11 at Ballyneety),
CLONEA/BALLYNACOURTY:  Clouded Yellow butterfly.

Mon 28 July:
TRAMORE:  HOBBY & 35 Coot at Lisselan, 2nd-calendar-year Little Gull at boating lake. 
KNOCKBOY (Waterford city): 2 Green Sandpipers.
PORTLAW:  Spotted Flycatcher.
Nr ANNESTOWN:  2 or 3 Long-eared Owl fledglings calling tonight.
CLONEA:  Adult Mediterranean Gull at Ballinclamper.

Sun 27 July:
TRAMORE:  2nd-calendar-year Little Gull & 2 Mediterranean Gulls at boating lake. 
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Spotted Flycatcher & Sedge Warbler.
RAM HEAD:  Only 4 Kittiwake chicks in study plots that held 125 occupied nests in June.

Sat 26 July:
DUNGARVAN:  Green Sandpiper & 3 Common Sandpipers at Killongford.

Fri 25 July:
DUNGARVAN: 2 adult Mediterranean Gulls at Barnawee. 
BUNMAHON:  Juvenile Mediterranean Gull.
KNOCKMEALDOWN MOUNTAINS:  Several Grasshopper warblers reeling.

Weds 23 July:
SEAFIELD (nr Bunmahon): 2 Green Sandpipers.

TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:   Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper & White Wagtail at lisselan.

Tues 22 July:
WATERFORD CITY:  Spotted Flycatchers by courthouse grounds.

Mon 21 July:
Nr KNOCKMEALDOWN MOUNTAINS:  Male & female Hen Harrier.
DUNGARVAN: 2nd-calendar-yr Mediterranean Gull & 6 Common Sandpipers at Ballyneety.

Sun 20 July:
BLACKWATER ESTUARY:  13 Common Sandpipers at Youghal Bridge.
TRAMORE:  6 Common Sandpipers at Lisselan.

Sat 19 July:
Nr YOUGHAL:  Barn Owl (not long dead) on road.
DUNGARVAN: 9 Mediterranean Gulls (3adults at Barnawee, 2 adults at Duckspool, 2 juveniles & a 2nd-cal-yr at Killongford), 21 Common Sandpipers (5 at Barnawee, 10 at Killongford, 6 at Ballyneety) & 2 Green Sandpipers at Killongford. 
Nr KILL:  2 Jays in wood south of Kill.

Fri 18 July:
TRAMORE:  3 adult Mediterranean Gulls (t 3 boating lake.
CLONEA:  Adult Mediterranean Gull at Ballinclamper.
DUNGARVAN:  Adult Mediterranean Gull at Barnawee.

Thurs 17  July:
CARRIGAVRANTRY:  2 Crossbills.
TRAMORE:  Adult Mediterranean Gull at backstrand, 21 adult Coot (& multiple juveniles) at Lisselan.

Sun 13 July:
CLONEA:  4 adult Mediterranean Gulls (including '3H97') at Ballinclamper.
COMERAGH MOUNTAINS:  Cuckoo & reeling Grasshopper Warbler near Mahon Falls.
TRAMORE:  Adult Mediterranean Gull at Lisselan & at boating lake.

Sat 12 July:
BLACKWATER VALLEY:  Reed Warbler singing at Raheen Quay, Clashmore Broads.
ARDMORE:  3 Mediterranean Gulls at Curragh & 3 at Ardmore harbour (including white ring 'E666').
DUNGARVAN:  4 adult Mediterranean Gulls (including '3H97') at Barnawee, 2 adult Mediterranean Gulls & 3 Common Sandpipers at Killongford, 12 Common Sandpipers at Ballyneety.
CLONEA:  2 adult Mediterranean Gulls & a Common Sandpiper at Ballinclamper.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  3 Common Sandpipers at Lisselan.

Fri 11 July:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Juvenile Cuckoo, 5 Common Sandpipers & Coot with 4 chicks at Lisselan (new breeding site for Coot).

Thurs 10 July:
Nr Dungarvan:  Barn Owl calling just before midnight.
DUNGARVAN: 4 Common Sandpipers at Killongford.

Weds 9 July:
ARDMORE:  4 Mediterranean Gulls at Ardmore harbour & an adult at Curragh.
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Juvenile Cuckoo & a Common Sandpiper at Lisselan.
IDA PARK (nr Waterford city):  Emperor dragonfly.
EAST WATERFORD:  2 Buzzards.

Tues 8 July:
BUNMAHON: Common Sandpiper.

Mon 7 July:
ARDMORE: 4 adult Mediterranean Gulls at harbour, Emperor dragonfly at Curragh stream.
RAM HEAD:  3 Mediterranean Gulls & 20 Common Scoter,
KNOCKBRACK QUARRY:  Another Emperor dragonfly.

Sun 6 July:
KNOCKMEALDOWN MOUNTAINS: Male Hen Harrier Petrel (possibly 2) carrying food.
DUNGARVAN:  2 Mediterranean Gulls (adult & 2nd-calendar-yr) at Ballyneety.

Sat 5 July:
DUNGARVAN:  3 adult Mediterranean Gulls (including 'E603' & '3H97' white darvic-ringed birds) at Ballyneety.

Fri 4 July:
DUNGARVAN:  2 Common Sandpipers at Ballyneety.

Weds 2 July:
DUNGARVAN:  2 Mediterranean Gulls at Barnawee.

Tues 1 July:
TRAMORE BACKSTRAND:  Eclipse-plumage male GARGANEYG at Lisselan on main pool, also 3 Shoveler.
Nr LISMORE: Green Sandpiper.

JUNE 2014:
Check here (Waterford Birds blog) for more recent updates,  further details or fuller species lists

Mon 30 June:
CLONEA: Adult Mediterranean Gull at Ballinclamper.
DUNGARVAN: Adult Mediterranean Gull (white darvic ring '3H97') at Barnawee.

Sun 29 June:
RAM HEAD:  Several Storm Petrels from boat offshore, 7 Common Scoter past; 125 occupied Kittiwakes nests in study plots (19% increase compared with last year), colony total 131-136 occupied nests.
DRUM HILLS: Green Hairstreak butterfly.
Nr DUNGARVAN:  Barn Owl just after midnight. 
R SUIR nr MT CONGREVE:  2 Common Sandpipers.

Sat 28 June:
CLONEA: 2nd-calendar-yr Mediterranean Gull at Ballinclamper.

Weds 25 June:
CLONEA: 3 adult Mediterranean Gulls (including white darvic ring 'E603') at Ballinclamper.
Nr LISMORE:  Barn Owl hunting.

Mon 23 June:
CARRIGAVRANTRY:  6 Snipe displaying & 3 Crossbills.
ANNESTOWN BOG:  Reed Warbler & 2 Long-eared Owl chicks calling.
Nr KILMEADAN:  Dead Jay c2km east of bypass roundabout.

Sun 22 June:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Tree Sparrow feeding young at nest-hole.
COMERAGH MOUNTAINS:  Cuckoo & 2 Grasshopper Warblers near Coumtay.

Sat 21 June:
GREAT NEWTOWNHEAD:  2 Grasshopper Warblers near Metal Man.
DUNABRATTIN HEAD:  Minke Whale & 4 Bottlenose Dolphins.
LISMORE:  Pair of Kingfishers & pair of Spotted Flycatchers at Blackwater.

Fri 20 June:
CARRIGNAGOUR (nr Lismore):  Hummingbird Hawk-moth.

Thurs 19 June:
NORTH WATERFORD:  Up to 2 Buzzards regularly over last 10 days.

Tues 17 June:
BROWNSTOWN HEAD:  Tree Sparrow carrying food.

Sun 15 June:
ANNESTOWN BOG: 2 Grasshopper Warblers reeling.

Sat 14 June:
Off MINE HEAD:  3 Great Skuas from boat 3 miles W.
Off HELVICK HEAD:  4 Puffins (1 carrying food).

Weds 11 June:
WATERFORD CITY: Treecreeper in People's Park.

Mon 9 June:
Nr MAHON BRIDGE: Freshly dead Pine Marten on R676 at Coolnahorna.
BALLYSCANLON:  2 Spotted Flycatchers.

Thurs 5 June:
IDA PARK (nr Waterford city):  8 Emperor Dragonflies.

Weds 4 June:
BALLYSCANLON:  5 Spotted Flycatchers.

Tues 3 June:
DUNGARVAN:  Turtle Dove in garden at Shandon.
COMERAGH MOUNTAINS: 2 Cuckoos at Kilclooney Wood, 2 Red Grouse.
BALLYSCANLON:  4 Crossbills.

Mon 2 June:
BLACKWATER VALLEY:  Reed Warbler at Raheen Quay, Clashmore Broads; 2 Jays & 3 Red-legged Partridge at Ballybrack.
Nr WHITING BAY:  2 Tree Sparrows at Moord.

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photo-gallery June-July 2014

presumed leucistic/aberrant juvenile Rook, Dungarvan, July 2014 AD Malcolm

West Waterford Wildlife photography

AD Malcolm

Little Gull (video) - Tramore boating lake, 27 Sep (MC)

Spotted Flycatcher, Carrignagour, nr Lismore, 17 July 2014 AD Malcolm

Great Black-backed Gull, adult, Curragh, Ardmore, 16 July 2014 AD Malcolm

Whitethroat, Ram Head, 9 July 2014 AD Malcolm

Emperor dragonfly, Knockbrack quarry, 7 July 2014 AD Malcolm

Blackcap, juvenile, River Blackwater at Lismore, 6 July 2014 AD Malcolm

Swift, River Blackwater at Lismore, 6 July 2014 AD Malcolm

AD Malcolm

Swifts, picked up fighting on street(!), Dungarvan town, 6 July 2014 PM Walsh

PM Walsh

Mediterranean Gull, 2nd-summer, Curragh, Ardmore, 29 June 2014 AD Malcolm

Mediterranean Gull, adult, Curragh, Ardmore, 26 June 2014 AD Malcolm

Raven, juvenile, Dunabrattin Head, 25 June 2014 AD Malcolm

Spotted Flycatcher, nr Lismore, 25 June 2014 AD Malcolm

Swallows, Dungarvan town, 13 June 2014 F O'Connell

House Martin & Swift, Dungarvan town, 13 June 2014 F O'Connell

Ketrel catching Greater White-toothed Shrew, nr Cappooquin, 10 June 2014 AD Malcolm

AD Malcolm

Buzzard, east Waterford, 5 June 2014 D Clarke

Turtle Dove, Shandon, Dungarvan, 3 June 2014 F O'Connell

F O'Connell

F O'Connell


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